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image for No storage space on your phone? Are you using Tango?

No storage space on your phone? Are you using Tango?

Today while I was trying to move some music on to my phone I noticed there was not much free space left (8 Gig Nexus 4). I initially thought that it must be because I had too many photos or videos on the phone, so I went into the settings->storage section of the phone to check things out.

I was surprised to see that I had over 450MB of pictures and video and thought I should probably cull a few, but I was even more surprised to see that apps were taking up nearly 2.5GB. WTF, I haven't got that many apps installed, how can this be.

Clicking on 'Apps (app data & media content)' took me to a list of all my installed apps ordered by the amount of storage space they were using. WTF, Tango is taking up 1.05GB, how can this be. Clicking on tango in the list takes me to an App info page where it reports that the app itself is using 62.46MB and 0.99GB of data.

I think that Tango must be caching everything it can and never actually clearing the cache. As I have a Nexus 4 with only 8 GB of space, this is a real concern.

Along with the fact that you can see friends of friends on Tango, I am considering removing Tango from my phone altogether.

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