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Drupal 7 - Changing taxonomy term link paths

I have seen many questions on the web about how to change the path of the taxonomy term links, so it seems to be a common thing to want to do, I know I have wanted to do this on many projects. Recently on a project I wanted these links to point to a view with an exposed filter on taxonomy. As I had this view to list and filter nodes, there was no real reason for the standard taxonomy term pages.

There are a few ways to change the standard path of the taxonomy term links, but the easiest I have found is the Entity Path module.

It seems it is the successor to the Taxonomy Redirect module which does not have a Drupal 7 version.

If you want to go a step further and disable the taxonomy term pages, you can do this with the Rabbit Hole module.

A note on using with pathauto
The default pathauto alias setting for taxonomy terms is something like [voacbulary:name]/[term:name], you will probably want to remove this altogether. I had some issues with taxonomy path aliases until I removed the taxonomy pathauto setting.

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