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image for Tango messenger app - Why you shouldn't use it

The Tango messenger app is probably the worst app for privacy I have ever come across. If you have any concern for your privacy at all, you should not use it. Below I will list just a few of the things that concern me as far as privacy and the Tango app. Tango saves all your contacts to their serverWhen you install the app on your phone, it seems to try to sync with all the contacts in your.....

image for No storage space on your phone? Are you using Tango?

Today while I was trying to move some music on to my phone I noticed there was not much free space left (8 Gig Nexus 4). I initially thought that it must be because I had too many photos or videos on the phone, so I went into the settings->storage section of the phone to check things out. I was surprised to see that I had over 450MB of pictures and video and thought I should probably cull a few.....

image for Seeing friends of friends on Tango

Not long ago I installed the Tango app on my Nexus 4. I mainly did this as friends were using the app and told me I could use it for video chatting, and it seems to work reasonably well for this.But then I found something that concerned me a little, it seems you can see your friends friends and there is no way to disable this.To see a particular friends friends, all you have to do it block all the.....