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image for Drupal views exposed form in a bootstrap modal

I am currently working on a site with the Bootstrap theme which has a fullscreen views map (Goomap) with exposed filters. As the map is full screen I want to have the exposed filters inside a bootstrap modal. Luckily it is quite easy to theme the views exposed filters form. To do this you have to override the views exposed filters form theme file. Copy the views theme file.....

image for Drupal 7 Bootstrap image field upload widget

When using the Bootstrap theme in Drupal 7, the image upload widget leaves a lot to be desired. I looks pretty crappy Below is how I overcame this.It should probably work with file fields too but instead of overriding THEME_image_widget, you would override THEME_file_widget, though I haven't tried it yet. First, add this to your css .btn-file { position: relative; overflow: hidden; } .btn-file.....