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image for Drupal Migrate V2 and Addressfield

While trying to migrate data from a legacy CakePHP system to Drupal 7 recently I had a problem getting an Addressfield field to play nicely.What I had origianly was this (which did not work). $this->addFieldMapping('field_customer_address:thoroughfare', 'address'); $this->addFieldMapping('field_customer_address:locality', 'suburb');.....

image for No storage space on your phone? Are you using Tango?

Today while I was trying to move some music on to my phone I noticed there was not much free space left (8 Gig Nexus 4). I initially thought that it must be because I had too many photos or videos on the phone, so I went into the settings->storage section of the phone to check things out. I was surprised to see that I had over 450MB of pictures and video and thought I should probably cull a few.....

image for Seeing friends of friends on Tango

Not long ago I installed the Tango app on my Nexus 4. I mainly did this as friends were using the app and told me I could use it for video chatting, and it seems to work reasonably well for this.But then I found something that concerned me a little, it seems you can see your friends friends and there is no way to disable this.To see a particular friends friends, all you have to do it block all the.....